NYCe BLU produces creatively designed, and expertly crafted, high quality Sculpted Leather Handbags: quality handbags, using the finest materials and the highest attention to detail.
“We want our customers to carry our handbags and feel they are carrying an impeccable piece of art.” Mary Fleckenstein, Designer/Founder
NYCe BLU believes people should, and can, carry leather handbags of the highest quality and workmanship. Handbags that represent real value to the customer. Over time NYCe BLU has seen the quality standards for leather, hardware, and craftmanship in the handbag industry seriously decline.
“We knew a better product, a quality handbag, using the best materials and the highest attention to detail, could be created.” Doug Fleckenstein, Inspiration/Founder

Our Talented Team 

Doug Fleckenstein

Doug’s expertise from 41 years in the leather industry is the basis of NYCe Blu’s high standards of quality. The majority of those 41 years was spent purchasing leather for a leading designer handbag company.

Throughout his career, Doug noticed a significant decline in the industry’s leather and craftsmanship standards, inspiring him to change the handbag industry with NYCe BLU.

Mary Fleckenstein

Mary’s background in ceramics, fabrics, metals, and precious stones gives her the ability to bring Doug’s aspiration to life. Along with those technical skills, her creative talent breathes life, fun, and energy into NYCe BLU.

Mary creates handbags that emanate the soul of the City thanks to her passion for New York museums, architecture, music, and street art. Her dream is for people everywhere to feel beautiful and complete carrying a NYCe BLU sculpted leather handbag.

Nicola (NIC) Cipriano

Nic started teaching himself photography in the 70’s, even mastering the ability to develop and edit his own work. As a New Yorker, he has an extensive background in photographing the city, especially its street art.

With all his natural talent and years of experience, Nic’s talent is clearly evident in his ability to visually capture the energy of NYCe BLU handbags.

Debra J. Martin

Debra’s avant-garde attitude, coupled with her gregarious nature, created a successful 23-year sales career. Then, over the next 16 years, she built and managed her own business.

She sold the business to begin a career managing social media for her best friend's new handbag company, NYCe BLU. This lady is the epitome of flair!

Bill Fillner

Student, Firefighter, Professor, Marketing Guru, Entrepreneur – So many hats! That’s probably why Bill doesn’t have hair on his head.

Now, all that life experience is being applied to help bring NYCe BLU to fruition. Just don’t ask him about golf. He’ll talk forever!

Mansour Salama (Samir)

Samir’s long, impressive resume in the fashion industry proves he’s an expert in the world of leathersmithing. His talent has taken him all over the world, working for Coach and other leatherwork companies.

His international work eventually brought him to New York City where he learned how to magically capture the soul of the city in his bags. At NYCe BLU, his patternmaking and leathersmithing artistry has turned simple ideas and concepts into beautiful luxury handbags.

Raymond Wang

Ray is an Electrical Engineer with a degree in Psychology. Over the years he has acquired knowledge of CAD modelling, model finishing, and other fabrication techniques. His career, knowledge, and curiosity have resulted in a passion for prototypes!

PrintAWorld in Brooklyn, NY, under Ray’s direction, created hardware prototypes for the NYCe BLU handbags. Many of Ray’s prototype hardware pieces are now integral features of NYCe BLU handbags.